About LEEDER Classics

LEEDER Classics is a Dutch brand with the ambitious goal of creating great shoes & bags with a distinctive Italian style for an attractive price. With specially focus on true authenticity, detail and excellent fit.

HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS - Our shoes & bags collection offers a combination of timeless models with contemporary colours and styling with traditional details. Colours and fabrics have been carefully chosen, making it suitable to be worn either for business or for casual looks. Our products are entirely made in Italy. Every single step is carried out here and created in the traditional way by skilled Italian craftsmen, wit attention to every detail. We use the finest and most beautiful leathers, carefully selected.

NO MIDDLEMAN - LEEDER Classics believes in enjoyable, productive and close cooperation with suppliers and its customers. We wanted to make Italian handcrafted products available to everyone. By cutting out the middlemen, we're able to eliminate unnecessary costs. Ad to sell online only through our website and exclusive tailors allows us to sell our shoes at a fair retail price.

SERVICE - Our mission is to offer you the opportunity to buy the perfect design shoes in an easy way. With fast shipping and an excellent service. Classics for winners: That's what we go for!