Shoe care

Discover our special shoe care products of Saphir Medaille d'or and maintain your shoes clean and shiny!

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All about Shoe care

In our webshop, we offer an extensive and elaborate collection of shoe care products. We offer products by the premium line Saphir Médaille d’Or,  Looking after your high-quality shoes doesn’t stop when you have bought them and just start wearing them. An investment in great shoes should be looked after and cared for in the right way with the right products. See our tips  "How to care for your shoes?"

To keep your shoes in great shape, a couple of products are indispensable. To start with, you should at least have a basic starters kit with horsehair brushes for black and neutral and a neutral Pommadier (cream). This is a basic start of a proper kit and you can give your smooth leather shoes a basic treatment whether they are black or brown. For suede shoes we advise you to purchase Saphir Invulner Spray with high-end oils, this waterproofs your shoes and nourishes the suede. With a crepe brush, you can easily brush the suede and make your shoes look great again. To further expand your basic shoe care, we advise you to use cedarwood shoe trees to keep your shoes in shape when you are not wearing them and even more importantly, absorb moisture and minerals from the leather after you have worn your shoes. See our tips 'How to polish & shine your shoes?'